Transform your professional services firm to focus on what you do best: building value for your clients

Position your firm for maximum success

Imagine being liberated to do only what you do best: building true and lasting value for your clients.

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Ensure your message finds the right audience

Imagine creative marketing, compelling design and effective advertising combining to attract a steady stream of new prospects.

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Get better results from your marketing

Imagine being able to break through and grow your business with the speed, resources and advantage of marketing with a guaranteed ROI. 

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Service business marketing

Smarthinking is a Melbourne creative marketing consulting agency focused on the world of service-based business. We liberate professional service firms from the tyranny of in-house marketing management using proven strategic, creative and functional marketing systems.

Smarthinking services include B2B positioning strategy, communication and campaign implementation. We specialise in working with firms whose offering involves a complex and considered purchase over a longer sales cycle.

Businesses come to us from the areas of: health/dental/optometry; law/accounting/financial; real estate/engineering/construction; creative/consulting/manufacturing. Our client list includes well known organisations such as CPA, Dulux, Marklew Constructions, Musashi and Waterman Business Centres.

Smarthinking is imagination in action