Get better results from your marketing for your services business or professional practice

You use systems in your business all the time, right? For sales, for accounts, for service delivery, amongst others. If you agree the success of your business depends on successful marketing, what system are you using to consistently attract your ideal prospects?

Systematic, effective, step-by-step approach

The Smarthinking Marketing Program is designed to help your services business or professional practice build a simple, effective, step-by-step marketing system.

The Program can be used by a wide range of services businesses to achieve the same end result:
attracting a steady stream of ideal prospects, turning them into clients and building a customer base
using a system that produces predictable results.

In our experience, the most common marketing problems faced by service-based business owners are:

• they struggle with the very idea of self-promotion
• they are fearful of doing the wrong thing and end up doing nothing
• they look at marketing as a series of isolated events, rather than a system.

Often, they get stuck on methods and tactics – the how – without realising strategy – the why – is what contributes most to business growth.

Next steps

If you’re unhappy with the way your services business or professional practice is growing, you need to go beyond your referral network. Find out how to attract new clients and build your profitability.

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