We work with services businesses and professional firms who want help to develop
an effective approach to their marketing

Is what you do more, or less important than how you do it?

Do you define your business or does it define you? Are you having difficulty distinguishing yourself
from others in your particular category? Where are your new business prospects coming from? 

The people with whom we work best are owners of services businesses and professional firms who are disappointed with their current marketing efforts. They work way too hard and generally don’t charge enough for their services. They have trouble articulating their real value to their clients and feel themselves to be in danger of becoming price-based commodities.

We start working with you by asking questions. Lots of questions.

The first step in developing a effective approach to services business marketing is to work out the firm’s strategy. We begin every client relationship with our Smarthinking Marketing Assessment, which gives an overview of: the background of your business, your current circumstances, your industry environment and your plans for the future.

Your answers will guide us in building a strategy to help you play the game of marketing more successfully and win more often. The Game of Marketing approach can help you:

• Attract better clients and more interesting projects
• Improve your content and build a suite of professional marketing materials
• Effectively communicate the unique value of your firm
• Raise the price of your services with conviction and confidence
• Understand how marketing really works for services businesses

Next steps: Take the first step to improving your business

Get started with the Smarthinking Marketing Assessment. After filling the Contact Form fields (those marked* are required), click the Next button. You’ll go directly to the Assessment.

Once received, we will call or e-mail you to arrange a convenient time to get together for a complimentary Marketing Discovery Session. Your session will be either by phone or in person and cover your assessment in greater detail, including at least one strategy you can implement immediately to improve your marketing.

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