An effective approach to marketing for services businesses and professional firms

Smarthinking is a Melbourne marketing agency and creative consultancy putting imagination into action for services businesses and professional firms


You’re no doubt familiar with the adage that to improve your business, you should be working smarter, not harder. While we couldn’t agree more with the sentiment, someone still has to do the heavy lifting! And that’s the role of your marketing.

Smarthinking provides professional firms and services businesses with creative consultancy, marketing strategies, guidance, tools, plans and ideas. In over 25 years of creative services experience, we’ve found the three biggest marketing challenges for business owners trying to manage growth are:

•  they struggle with the very idea of self-promotion
•  they are fearful of doing the wrong thing and end up doing nothing
•  they look at marketing as a series of isolated events, rather than a system

The Smarthinking approach starts with positioning. You’ve got to get the basics right if your marketing is to have any chance of success. 

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Steve Osborne is the principal of Smarthinking. Thick-skulled but persistent, it took over 20 years of owning, operating and managing creative services businesses for him to find his true calling.

Ironically, that purpose is: to help service business owners find their true calling and succeed spectacularly at marketing.

Steve’s role is to devise strategy and creative. Words and pictures are his tools and he is equally adept with both.



Learning how to play The Game of Marketing makes it easy for owners of service businesses to understand how positioning directly affects the ability to attract the right kind of client.


Chiropractor gets ‘hands-on’ assistance – Testimonial

“We used Smarthinking at a critical time during our business evolution. Steve offered us a perspective that at the time we were lacking, which was a great relief. Having someone with a less ‘attached’ point of view allowed us to step back and assess our position. This proved critical to us making some big decisions about our business and where our focus was best served. The marketing strategies implemented gave us insight and created a dramatic change in direction.”

A.A and L.W, Alchemy Clinic