Attract the clients best suited for your expertise

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Distinctive positioning gives your firm the maximum chance for success in your marketplace. Instead of being mildly appealing to a broad range of non-clients, you become intensely compelling for a select group of prospects


SmartPlan: Powerful Positioning Strategy for Professional Services

A SmartPlan Positioning Strategy is designed to help your firm stand for something instead of trying to stand for everything. With a focused positioning, your firm can become intensely appealing to the types of clients who want you for what you do best.

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The Game of Marketing: How to play for fun & profit

The game of marketing is a lot like golf. And just like golf, hitting balls in every direction does not make for a successful or enjoyable game of golf. The same is true for marketing.  This seminar will guide you through the mandatory elements for successful positioning.

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When your positioning is matched to your expertise, you become free to focus on what you do best: creating true and lasting value for your clients


Chiropractor gets ‘hands-on’ assistance – Testimonial

“We used Smarthinking at a critical time during our business evolution. Steve offered us a perspective that at the time we were lacking, which was a great relief. Having someone with a less ‘attached’ point of view allowed us to step back and assess our position. This proved critical to us making some big decisions about our business and where our focus was best served. The marketing strategies implemented gave us insight and created a dramatic change in direction.”

A.A and L.W, Alchemy Clinic