Group Program: SmartFocus

A comprehensive approach for professionals and business owners looking for a broad background understanding of modern marketing, what drives customers and how to respond

What if the principles taught in this program could potentially…

1. Generate you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your business
2. Help produce a steady stream of new prospects, each eager to learn more about your services
3. Have an immeasurable impact on your ability to attract more of your ideal clients
4. Empower you in many other areas of business management

If this course could potentially do that…

Would you invest in yourself for the next 12 months, spending approximately 48 hours in personal study
and a further 1 day per month attending a workshop or participating online?

For less than the price of a lunch per day… Seriously, why wouldn’t you?

SmartFocus is a group program tailored specifically to services business marketing

We won’t pretend there isn’t a wide choice educational marketing courses available to business owners
with the necessary drive, application and inspiration to complete a full 12 month program. Some good,
others not so. However, there are several key differences between them and the SmartFocus program.

SmartFocus is for services. A program for: independent professionals, financial, engineering and law services firms, consultants and advisors, creatives and owners of service-based businesses wanting
a long-term approach to improve their marketing skills, attract prospects and generate more sales.
You’ll participate in a supportive environment with like-minded participants pushing hard for your success.

SmartFocus is tailored. Each program is shaped specifically to the profiles of the participants.
This means there is no cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach to the content. While the general Smarthinking Game of Marketing approach to services business marketing principles stays the same,
each group is individually matched to ensure no duplication of professions and a full support system
for participants.

SmartFocus is limited. There are just 12 participating businesses in each group. Our experience shows this is the optimum number of people needed to both encourage participation and to ensure everyone gets equal time and attention. Only one business (eg. one graphic designer, one accountant, one IT consultant, one electrician, one web programmer, etc.) from each profession is accepted into the group to encourage support, referrals and strategic alliances.

SmartFocus is up-to-date. The marketing landscape for services businesses is a constantly moving
feast of traditional face-to-face networking and print-based techniques, email and website content, social media initiatives and on/offline advertising. Plus any number of other tactical diversions which may or
may not be useful, depending on individual circumstances. Our program leaders and guest presenters are among the most respected in their specialised fields.

SmartFocus is supportive. You’re not on your own here. The group structure gives you time to work together, time to work alone and time for one-to-one sessions with the program leader. The full day
sessions are divided between workshops and mastermind meetings to give participants every opportunity
to work at their own pace. 

The SmartFocus program comprises:

• 10 full day workshops – one a month
• weekly webinars – 30 mins once a week from your computer
• mentorship – experience and enthusiasm combined
• shared accountability – to ensure all goals are achieved
• group discussion – facilitated so all voices are heard
• restricted to just 12 non-competing, participant businesses – room for everyone
• additional attendees from same business – share the knowledge
• marketing tools and resources – recommended software, content, apps
• advertising strategy & promotional tactics – what works and what doesn’t
• incorporates 10 major topics – development of a comprehensive marketing strategy
• workbook and full program notes – $450 value, included
• ongoing access via email – ask questions every month
• newsletter, tips and advice – monthly missive chock-full of new and interesting marketing stuff

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Normally $4995, book your place and pay your first instalment before 29 November 2014 to save $500!


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Next steps

Need to get a taste of the program before you get started? Book to attend a seminar and preview the program before making a commitment. Book your place at a Marketing Golf seminar. A TryBooking page will open with venues and times for the event.

Or phone Steve Osborne on 0411 713 003 to talk about joining a SmartFocus group program.